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It is a place to meet, share and network about research on bodyconscious design, technical and scientific information, experiences, insights, ideas, names of teachers, designers and other people involved and about info on courses and seminars.

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bodyconscious design

"It is not about seeing different things, but about seeing things differently" (carl jung)

Design – be it shoes, chairs, interiors, buildings or organizational models – is often a mental concept to which people are expected to adapt. And so we squeeze our feet in too tight shoes, force our bodies in awkward chairs, sit in offices that run our nervous comprar viagra systems amuck and give ourselves over to models, diets, prescriptions and recipes, that promise miracles from the outside, but take no account of what is fitting from the inside.

Body Conscious Design is about what happens when the body meets design.


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In the future here you'll find examples of bodyconscious design or other images that could inspire